What makes a film unforgettable?  There are many elements to an amazing film – but the essential ingredient for any film to build upon is STORY.

NEFTA FOOTBALL CLUB delivers a brilliant and ingenious comedy about two young brothers who come across a donkey – listening to Adele – and the surprise they stumble upon.

The film opens in the Tunisia  desert with two drug dealers (Lyes Salem and Hichem Mesbah) searching for a donkey who is transporting a large shipment of cocaine.

How is this donkey supposed to find its target?  By putting headphones on the mule and playing Adele – but not just any Adele – her song ‘Someone Like You.’  This makes for a belly laugh moment and sets the stage for the rest of the film.

What could go wrong you ask?  One of the drug dealers thought any song would do.  But we quickly find out no Adele – no drugs.

Enter the two young brothers (Eltayef Dhaoui and Mohamed Ali Ayari) heading home from a soccer game.  The dynamics of the two brothers is beautifully portrayed by these two young actors.  They show true sibling rifts and annoyances between the older and younger brother.

The younger brother needs to use a bathroom while riding a dirt bike in the desert.  There is no where to go so the boy relieves himself after getting off the side of the road.  He finds himself staring directly at the misdirected donkey (a wonderful shot in the film).

He brings the donkey to the older brother and together they discover the bags of cocaine.  The older brother is smart enough for his age to realize what they found but tells the young brother – it’s laundry detergent.

This story is charming, witty and endearing.  The ending is nothing short of brilliant.  Shortlisted for a 2020 Academy Award, this filmmaker knocks it out of the soccer park with this one.