Director Sam Fichtner takes you on a charming ride in his 12 minute film – THICK AS THIEVES.

The film opens with Gary (Luke Lenza) and Rose (Revell Carpenter) arriving at Gary’s friend’s house for their first dinner party as a couple.  They seem like your average millennial couple – so what could go wrong?

He’s excited, she’s nervous, and they both want to make a good impression.  Before entering the party – Rose has already googled the address to let her beau know how much the property is worth – and that their security system is not up to par.

The moment Rose walks through the door, Gary can tell that Rose is anything but average.  She’s a first rate thief.  Once Rose flips into gear, nothing is safe.  The pearls, the artwork, the cash – it’s all up for grabs for Rose.  Gary tries desperately to keep things under control, to middling success.

Writing (Fichtner), score (Louis Weeks) and acting are all top notch and make this ride seem seamless for the audience.  The tight editing (Arndt Werling) keeps the film moving forward.

The exchange between the two actors is a combination of wonderful chemistry and timing.  Carpenter throws the ball to Lenza  – and he catches it – without missing a beat.

Once they finally make it back to his place, Rose is forced to come clean about her true identity.  The interesting twist is  it turns out Gary has a secret of his own, calling the night into question and their whole relationship.

The film makes you feel a little Bonnie and Clyde – a little Pink Panther.  Witty, sharp and utterly enjoyable – THICK AS THIEVES has the potential to be something more.